SEC Network analyst and former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy appeared on The Paul Finebaum Show Wednesday, providing in-depth thoughts on Alabama’s quarterback situation, South Carolina’s opener in Charlotte and how Jim McElwain will handle the Will Grier vs. Treon Harris battle under center.

You can listen to the full interview, here. As for the highlights …

On SEC QB races, specifically Alabama:

“I’m not (concerned). I think whoever gets the job, and if it’s decided before Saturday or a 2-3 weeks from now before they play Ole Miss, whoever gets the job will be very much battle-tested. Playing against Wisconsin and playing against Alabama’s defense on a daily basis. Whoever it is, will allow themselves to distance from the competition if they play well Saturday against Wisconsin. I’m not at all worried. I know people have pressed the panic button. I still think it’s going to be Jake Coker, but I do think it’s going to take a game or two to resolve itself.”

On Lane Kiffin’s game plan with QBs:

“I would go with Coker for 2-3 series to see how it’s going. If he’s in a good rhythm, stick with him. Blake Sims last year against West Virginia … didn’t throw a ton of passes down the field and when he did, he did’t throw it all that well. But he threw things behind the line of scrimmage and he made plays with his legs so they kept him in there. Jake Coker the entire game was sitting there with his helmet strapped ready to go. Blake Sims took it and ran with it at that point. The second game is when they started some rotational stuff.”

On Florida’s naming Treon Harris its starter:

“I’m not going to put a ton into it, let’s be honest. We’re both going to figure out who moves the team better, who handles situations better. It doesn’t mean a ton, basically just someone to put on the depth chart and a little clarity going into the game for the individuals themselves. I think this will allow Treon Harris to have his set of plays. When you come out, usually the first eight (plays) having played for Jim McElwain, he’s going to have the first eight offensive plays. He’s probably going to have a set of eight for Treon and eight for Will Grier. They’re a little bit different, they don’t have the same skill set. I would imagine we’ll see both early and see who executes their first eight plays better.”

On South Carolina vs. North Carolina:

“I expect a better effort defensively. I’m just not sure it’s going to be enough. North Carolina returns so much offensively. (Quarterback) Marquise Williams, (Ryan) Switzer at wide receiver, all five offensive linemen. Defensively, Gene Chizik is a major addition. He’s going to allow that defense to bend don’t break. Those guys will confuse the offense of South Carolina. South Carolina’s young in some spots. And they don’t have ridiculous depth along the defensive line, which concerns me considering north Carolina loves to up the tempo. I think it’s going to be a real challenge for South Carolina. I think they’re up for it and I would assume they’ve made considerable strides because Jon Hoke and Steve Spurrier both are seeming very confident going into the game.”

On Vanderbilt vs. Western Kentucky:

“Very good team. Explosive offense. Brandon Doughty is one of the most under-appreciated quarterbacks. He can definitely move the football. Good athlete, can throw it and a really nice supporting cast. It’s going to be a real challenge for Vanderbilt. Derek Mason, as the defensive mind, is going to have his hands full. What he’s focused on is not worrying about last year and that’s all you can do. Just continue to breathe some hope and just have an upward trajectory. If they lose at home in consecutive seasons to a Group of 5 opponent, it could spell disaster for what Vanderbilt’s going to be this year.”

On the SEC’s reputation:

“It comes up all the time. Just talking to people on the airplane. The SEC was deep last year and the games against non-conference opponents in the beginning of the season were not a fluke. I mean, they played well. It’s a good conference, a deep conference, a talented conference. But right now, you’re only as good as your most recent game and five teams out of the West were really average at best in their bowl performance. I think we absolutely have to recognize how the SEC played, as much as we appreciate this conference, but right now the Big Ten and some of the other conference throughout the country has a right to beat their chests. the SEC’s credibility is a little bit shaken because of what happened in the bowl season.”