The Southeastern Conference has made its decision, the league has shifted toward a conference-only schedule and plans to play 10 games this season.

That means two additional conference games must be added to each team’s schedule, and after some initial speculation regarding those games was shared, the SEC shot down any news that a final decision on those games has been made.

Now the big question is how the league will determine the completion of its schedule as the SEC looks to play its first-ever 10-game SEC slate.

The best person in the world to ask that question is no doubt SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey and during his Thursday appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Sankey was asked that very question.

“Yeah, we’ve been running any number of models, if you will, and thinking about how that decision can be made,” Sankey said on the show. “Our athletics directors early in the week suggested let’s make the first decision so we can then make the second decision, and that the second decision is exactly what the format will look like. I know our colleagues in the ACC were able to put out the matchups quickly, and obviously some different dynamics there.

“Our two other colleague conferences that made announcements earlier in July, took a bit of time to make their announcement, in fact, we’re still waiting. So, we just want to make sure that we walk through what is a really difficult decision on altering the season, and then we’ll work towards finalizing exactly that format and be ready to go. I think in short order, with that information. It gives great conversation on an afternoon shows too for a while, does it not?”

Based on that response, the decision remains undetermined for now but at least Sankey suggested a final decision will be made sooner rather than later.