SEC officials have taken a lot of hits this season from fans across the conference who have complained about poor officiating.

The loudest voices may have come from Knoxville, where fans showed their displeasure with a call made against the Vols in Tennessee’s loss a few weeks ago to Ole Miss. Fans there delayed the game for 20 minutes after they threw garbage on the field after a key fourth-down call went against them.

So what is the solution to this problem? Some think that the referees should be made full-time employees. SEC commissioner Greg Sankey address that issue on “The Paul Finebaum Show” Wednesday.

“If you take an individual and simply make them full-time, does that really solve the dynamics of the game?” he said.

Sankey talks more about the quickness of the game and how referees are having to adjust, but he doesn’t believe giving refs a full-time job will help those issues.

“Having full-time employees doesn’t solve those realities.”

If you ask some SEC fans, they may disagree with Sankey.