Greg Sankey has apparently looked into “helmet audio options” this year.

The SEC commissioner said on Thursday that the conference has looked into in-helmet communication devices, which are commonplace in the NFL. Currently, the NCAA does not allow in-helmet radios.

The topic of allowing radios in helmets has arisen this year after the Michigan sign-stealing saga, and Sankey said that “some of what’s happened this year has accelerated that conversation.” Without radios, players have to rely on coaches to give them signals for plays, giving the other team the chance to pick up those signals and anticipate a team’s next play.

One of the main concerns about having radios in helmets is cost and logistics. A team with plenty of resources like an SEC program would have no issues adapting to the change, but smaller schools might not have the means to add the technology. This could lead to some teams having the advantage over other teams.

While it’s not clear if radios in helmets will be apart of the game soon, the SEC commissioner seems to be in favor of it.