Big Ten vs. SEC drama is alive and well, my friends.

On Tuesday, it was reported that the SEC doesn’t want Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh to be able to hold spring practice in Florida and wants to take actions to prevent it from happening.

On Wednesday, Harbaugh stirred the pot with what appeared to be a Tweet directed at the SEC office, though he did not mention them specifically:

So, naturally, SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was asked if he had a response to the Michigan coach’s decision to take the battle for Florida to social media.

Sankey’s response, as recorded by’s Brandon Marcello, was pointed, sticking to the issue while getting a nice dig in at Harbaugh in the process:

“I’m not going to reduce what is an important conversation to some childhood use of Twitter,” Sankey said. “This is an important issue.”

Sankey also went on to further explain why he believes it to be an issue in need of some resolve:

“The Big Ten is going to recruit Florida. We fully understand that. They should. Other Big Ten schools, other Big 12 schools are going to recruit in the SEC’s geographic footprint. That’s perfectly fine. This is about saying we’re not going to infringe further on the time demands of student-athletes — the free times and spring break in particular.”