Greg Sankey has made it clear recently — the SEC wasn’t the conference that pushed for the College Football Playoff to expand to 12 teams.

Still, questions persist, and Sankey continues to reiterate what he’s said all along.

On Wednesday, the SEC commissioner joined “The Paul Finebaum Show” and said that the presidents of the CFP Board of Managers wanted to see the format. Sankey added that the SEC presidential rep wasn’t the one who mentioned that idea:

“We’re here because presidents on the CFP Board of Managers very clearly said — and by the way, it wasn’t the SEC presidential representative who said it — ‘we want to see this (12-team) format and we want to see it now.’ And so here we are,” Sankey said. “I look forward to the conversation. I watched yesterday and tried to figure out if we have groupthink taking place around the College Football Playoff. It doesn’t seem that way. I think everyone’s right — Kevin Warren, George Kliavkoff, Jim Phillips, Greg Sankey, Bob Bowlsby, the other 5 commissioners and (Notre Dame AD) Jack Swarbrick — to think carefully about what we do with the College Football Playoff now and into the future.”

Will a 12-team Playoff ever come to pass? Or, will we be stuck at 4 teams for the foreseeable future? That remains to be seen.