One of the next steps in the ongoing domino effect of scheduling in the SEC is how will the conference handle the games that were called off this week, especially involving teams that have had games moved already.

That includes Missouri and LSU. Is there a date where the postponements need to be set to play them?

“The best way to answer that is to adjust,” Commissioner Greg Sankey said on a SEC media teleconference. “We moved several games that involved several teams… that’s going to be the reality moving forward, the movement will affect more than just the involved teams. Almost two and a half, three half weeks ago on Friday, we moved I think five or six games. It affected the involved teams which report in Vanderbilt, and then it affected on involve teams, Georgia, Kentucky. Come to the top of mind, LSU was in that as well. And that’s going to be the reality moving forward and the ability to adjust game, and modify the schedule and we’ve said this to our membership repeatedly will affect more than just the involved teams.”

Sankey is happy with how much the SEC has accomplished to date, not just in football, but with other sports as well. How about having 40 of 70 games played so far, would you have taken that in July?

“To quote Wayne’s World, I’m living in the now,” Sankey said.