Based on the unique offseason we’ve had thus far and all that’s going around us due to the coronavirus pandemic, it goes without saying that┬áthe upcoming college football season could be unlike any other we’ve seen before.

One possibility being discussed among several college football’s decision-makers, according to┬áNicole Auerbach of The Athletic, would be pushing back all the conference title games a week, from Saturday, Dec. 5 to Saturday, Dec. 12.

Pushing back the league title games would allow each conference an extra week in case makeup games need to take place in order to determine which teams should advance to the league championship games.

While the SEC was not one of the conferences that offered any confirmation of a potential move to Auerbach in her story, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey did address the topic during a recent appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show” on Thursday.

“I saw Nicole’s article, and I know she was on [the show] earlier talking about conferences and do you move your championship game. Every [Power 5 conference] is properly considering can we move [title games]? Can we adjust? But that doesn’t mean that we will,” Sankey said on the show. “We have to be able to adapt, just as I predicted in each appearance [this offseason].

“You then look at different models of a schedule if there’s delays or obstructions, how do you adapt? You can run through 15-20 different scenarios, none of those are real right now as far as we are going to implement those but all have been introduced to athletic directors to say here’s kinda the range of possibility that has to be on all of our minds — with the first and primary being the focus on playing the season as scheduled.”

Credit to Sankey for not avoiding the question and addressing it with as much transparency as possible.

For now, the plan is to play the season as scheduled but it’s good to know the SEC continues to explore every avenue and discuss the many different possibilities that could arise in the weeks and months to come.