Greg Sankey simply pointed to the scoreboard when asked by Paul Finebaum about the SEC staying with an 8-game league schedule, and if it would cause problems during College Football Playoff selections.

The league, coaches, fans and media for more than a year have debated the 8-game format with the 9-game as Oklahoma and Texas are set to join the league next year.

Finebaum asked the SEC commissioner whether an 8-game conference schedule would be held against the SEC in terms of a strength of schedule conversation.

“I think we ended that football season with a 65-7 win in the national championship game,” Sankey said, referring to Georgia’s win over TCU. “If the indictment somehow is that we don’t play the highest level of football, then somebody’s actually not watching football games. We’re at 8, but we have a requirement that you play an additional game against a non-conference opponent from one of our colleague conferences, or major independent. The major independent numbers are changing right now.”

Sankey added that the 8-game format has worked really well, and while plenty of arguments can be made, he said, “I actually think either one of those models would keep us very secure in the College Football Playoff consideration.”