Some of the best facilities in the country can be found on Southeastern Conference campuses. At the same time, some of the worst can also be located on those very same campuses.

That’s a reality considering the money allocated to home football locker rooms and the lack of attention given to visitor locker rooms around the conference.

Ironically, Mike Leach once issued comments that went viral regarding the state of the visitor locker room found in Starkville — those locker rooms have since been upgraded since the time Leach visited Mississippi State as an opposing coach.

Now with league teams dealing with travel issues during a pandemic, the sad state of visitor locker rooms may be causing issues that have led to games being postponed this weekend.

During Greg Sankey’s Wednesday appearance on the latest SEC teleconference, the league commissioner was asked if it’s time to invest resources to improve visitor locker rooms after the season, especially making them larger or potentially safer.

“It’s a conversation that needs to be had,” Sankey answered. “I don’t know the infrastructure demands — I know a number of our programs where they’ve had the ability to provide more space have gone now to the visitors.”

“Some of our footprints just have limitations. And, yes, it’s a needed conversation. Even the officials, I’ve had pictures of officials just sitting in the hallway to stay away from each other.”

Sankey then noted that in the SEC offices, with the new demands of keeping distance to ensure a safer work environment for everyone, it takes some getting used to for everyone involved.

That’s something that the entire league is dealing with and may just result in upgraded facilities for visiting teams in the years to come.

“But within the structural realities of our football stadiums, what can we do to improve that situation? That’s been a topic already and certainly will be a topic moving forward,” Sankey concluded.