Greg Sankey drew a line in the sand about the College Football Playoff expansion possibilities on Tuesday when he spoke with the media at the SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida.

Sankey told reporters that an “8-team (College Football) playoff without automatic qualifiers is something we would consider” as the SEC commissioner aims to navigate the next phase of the college football postseason.

About an SEC-only Playoff, which came to light in recent days, Sankey said that kind of discussion has fizzled out some since it was reported, and that it’s “still in a folder somewhere.” Sankey added that it “wasn’t created as a threat; wasn’t intended as a threat” in the event the CFP doesn’t expand to 12.

About scheduling, Sankey said the athletics directors have moved closer to a schedule format but he hasn’t asked coaches to vote on potential changes. While something has to be decided “sooner rather than later,” Sankey said they’ve focused on “the single-division model.”

Finally, about the Nick Saban-Jimbo Fisher feud, Sankey said they’ll have to speak to it, not him. Sankey admitted that he told the coaches that all 14 of them need to be “focused and engaged in the conversation and nobody should run silo. We have that from time to time. Recognizing that we’ve had a lot of transition since people have been here. We need the kind of meaningful concepts and ideas that will lead us to solutions to some of the problems we have. We had some of the best substantive, candid at times, agreeing at times, disagreeing at times all across the room. There was a pretty good level of laughter a few times when I walked in. Serious discussion, great questions. It’s the kind of healthy meeting we expect to have.”