Greg Sankey will preside over SEC spring meetings in Destin, Florida, beginning on Tuesday.

As the meetings get underway, fans are watching closely for news about the feud between Texas A&M coach Jimbo Fisher and Alabama coach Nick Saban after a recent war of words.

But, at the SEC Baseball Tournament title game on Sunday, Sankey said it’ll be important to move on from that public spat quickly (via OutKick):

“What we have to do is turn the page,” Sankey said of Saban and Fisher to OutKick in between innings at the SEC Baseball Tournament championship game on Sunday. “Because we have to think about what we see as the future, rather than the frustration that exists around the pace of change that’s happening. And really that’s at the heart of a lot of issues.

“What are the solutions? What is the structure that can be helpful to support young people competing in college sports? That’s the conversation. Not what happens between two people. We have to elevate our dialogue.”

There’s clearly plenty of tension between Saban and Fisher. How long will it take Sankey and the others to address that situation before moving on to other pressing issues? We’ll see what news comes out of Destin over the next couple of days.