College football’s postseason as the FBS level may not be done making changes.

On Tuesday, college football insider Heather Dinich of ESPN shared an interesting tidbit from the spring College Football Playoff meetings. Per Dinich, there is “buzz” about a G5 “tournament.”

The chatter comes as the CFP is changing to 12 teams starting with the upcoming postseason for the 2024 season. The format for the next 2 years is described as 5-7. The 5 highest-ranked conference champions are guaranteed to be in the Playoff, with the next 7 spots going to the highest-ranked available at-large teams.

The CFP is set to feature “at least” 12 teams for 2026 and beyond, as the FBS conferences and Notre Dame agreed to a new contract in March that paved the way for a massive media rights extension with ESPN. There have been talks of a 14-team format, with Power conferences being allotted multiple auto bids.

For the casual college football fan, it has been a bit dizzying to keep up with all moves just months removed from crowning Michigan the national champion in a 4-team Playoff.

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Reaction to Group of 5 tourney talk divided

Early reactions to the potential Group of 5 split showed two schools of thought. Some feel G5 conferences would be hurting themselves by having their teams compete for a separate championship. Others feel it’s long overdue.

Here’s a small sample of what is being said on social media:

The Group of 5 conferences are getting their best shot in the CFP the next two seasons. The 5 conference champion spots and 7 at-large bids do not have conference labels attached.

For 2026 and beyond, however, there are strong indications the SEC and Big Ten want to make the CFP more Power-conference-oriented. Ross Dellenger’s Feb. 28 report revealed a model of 10 bids going to SEC (3), B1G (3), Big 12 (2) and ACC (2) teams, with 1 bid going to a Group of 5 conference champion and 3 at-large spots.

If Group of 5 conferences are looking at having just 1 of 14 teams in the CFP, a split for a separate tournament might pick up steam.