Almost 5,000 Reddit users voted by state on the most hated teams in college football, and the results were pretty much as expected:

1. Ohio State (11.4%)
T2. Alabama (9.2%)
T2. Michigan (9.2%)

Here’s the map and an in-depth look at the states that cast the most votes:

Reddit Hate map

Reddit Hate results

Most of the results make sense. There’s history between those states and the teams they despise.

A lot of states without history with Alabama and Ohio State presumably loathe them because they were the last two national champions. Haters gonna hate.

But the biggest question lies in the Northeast. Why does New Hampshire have so much hate for Auburn?

Breakdown of SEC states:

  • Alabama hates Auburn
  • Arkansas hates LSU
  • Florida hates Florida State
  • Georgia hates Georgia
  • Kentucky hates Kentucky
  • Louisiana hates Alabama
  • Mississippi hates Ole Miss
  • Missouri hates Kansas
  • South Carolina hates South Carolina
  • Tennessee hates Alabama
  • Texas hates Texas

Photo Credit: Reddit
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