Heather Dinich believes the College Football Playoff committee could have a big headache coming after conference championship week.

On Tuesday, the CFP analyst broke down how to the committee views Alabama and Texas, and what the Playoff picture could look like given how those teams perform in their respective conference championships.

Dinich believes that if both teams win, it will lead to a great debate of who should make it in. Dinich said that Texas would have a case to make it over Georgia because of something the Longhorns have that Georgia would lack.

“2 things happen, and the first is that Alabama and Texas could be in a great debate in that selection committee meeting room,” Dinich said on Get Up Tuesday morning. “If Texas wins the Big 12, earlier that day. Because Texas would have something that Georgia does not, a win against the SEC champs, by double digits, in Tuscaloosa, and as Sark says, if that was easy to do, more people would be doing it.”

But an Alabama win would also make things complicated for Georgia. Dinich believes that while the Bulldogs would still have a strong case, it would be hard to make it in without a conference championship win.

“The second thing that would happen is the committee would have a great headache as to what to do with Georgia with 1 loss and no conference title,” Dinich said. “You have to remember that the bar in that committee meeting room for teams that don’t win their conference championship is a lot higher. And I think it’s going to be extremely difficult for Georgia, or any other team that doesn’t win its league this year, to get in.”

Dinich said that if Texas loses as well as Florida State, there could be a case for both Alabama and Georgia to make it in if the Tide win the SEC Championship on Saturday.

“Now, if Texas loses, if Florida State loses to Louisville, then you have a door that could open for one of those other teams,” Dinich said. “But Alabama is going to have a better resume than Texas in the end, because no one has a better opportunity to impress the selection committee than Alabama. The committee would have to weigh Alabama’s resume against that head to head and it might not be as easy as people think.”