Arkansas generated headlines and infographics across the country in 2014 for fielding the largest starting offensive line in college football or the NFL.

While the Razorbacks remain — well, robust — a few players have cut weight. For example, standout guard Sebastian Tretola had lost 47 pounds as of March, which should help him get off the ball and into the second level on screens. (Don’t worry. Tretola still weighs 322 pounds.)

Arkansas isn’t the only SEC team with a large offensive line, however. We decided to determine the heaviest, lightest, tallest and shortest offensive lines in the league based on the projected starting five for all 14 teams, and the results were oh-so-close.

HEAVIEST: Arkansas, 319.6 pounds
LIGHTEST: Georgia, 292.2 pounds
TALLEST: LSU, 6-foot-5 4/5
SHORTEST: Tennessee, 6-foot-3 2/5

What struck me was that the five largest offensive lines in the SEC all averaged more than 310 pounds. Georgia is the only offensive line in the conference that will enter the 2015 football season with an average offensive linemen at less than 300 pounds.

That’s particularly intriguing considering Arkansas and Georgia may field the best offensive lines in the SEC West and SEC East, respectively. Bigger doesn’t automatically mean better.

Also, it was amazing how similar in height every team’s offensive line is this year. Less than 1.5 inches separates the tallest and 11th-tallest teams in the conference.

The average SEC offensive lineman is somewhere near 6-foot-5 and 308 pounds. It’s no wonder the conference is at its best on both sides of the line of scrimmage.


TeamAvg. Weight (Pounds)
1. Arkansas319.6
2. Ole Miss317.4
3. Florida317
4. LSU313
5. Alabama311.2
6. Texas A&M309
7. Vanderbilt308.2
8. Missouri308
9. Tennessee306.6
10. Mississippi State306
11. Kentucky304.8
12. Auburn301.6
13. South Carolina300.2
14. Georgia292.2


TeamAvg. Height
1. LSU6-5 4/5
2. Arkansas6-5 3/5
3. Auburn6-5 2/5
T4. Alabama6-5 1/5
T4. Vanderbilt6-5 1/5
T4. Mississippi State6-5 1/5
7. Kentucky6-5
T8. Florida6-4 3/5
T8. Texas A&M6-4 3/5
T10. South Carolina6-4 2/5
T10. Georgia6-4 2/5
12. Missouri6-4 1/5
13. Ole Miss6-3 3/5
14. Tennessee6-3 2/5