A New York high school football player died this week following a head injury he suffered during a game last week.

In a Facebook post, Tyler Christman’s father, Jason, wrote, “We all prayed for a miracle to happen for you to be saved. Sadly, the damage was just too much.” Tuesday afternoon, Tyler was on life support and his family took part in what’s known as a hero walk, a ceremonial event to honor a patient before an organ donation, 7 News reported.

Christman was a student at Carthage Central High School in Carthage, New York, near Watertown.

The school district’s athletic director, Jason Brown, and football coach, Joe Sech, issued a joint statement Tuesday afternoon:

“Tyler was an amazing young athlete and participated on many of our athletic teams at Carthage Central. His ability to be an outstanding teammate and his infectious personality will be greatly missed by all that knew him. Words cannot describe how heartbroken we all are for the entire Christman family. Tyler, and all of the Chrstman’s have been a very big part of the Carthage Football family for years. Our sincerest condolences go out to their entire family.”