Eastern Washington kicker Seth Harrison will wonder what might have been for a long time following his field goal being robbed from him on Saturday in a game against Idaho.

Harrison’s 24-yard field goal early in the fourth quarter appeared to go through the uprights, and bounced off the scoreboard, but an official on hand to call the play seemed to have missed it while adjusting the mask on his face. What’s more, the play was reviewed and the referee announced that the call stood. The Eagles fell 28-21 as Idaho scored with 54 seconds remaining in the type of close game where a field goal would make a difference.

For what it’s worth, Harrison was 3-for-3 on extra point attempts. SEC officials have had their share of blunders, but we can’t remember one that was as bad as this one in Moscow, Idaho.

Between this and the North Dakota State 39-game losing streak, there’s no shortage of excitement during the early FCS spring season.