Week 7 brings us the biggest SEC game of the year to date. It’s corn dogs vs. jorts. The league’s best offense vs. the league’s best defense. Gatorade vs. whatever alcohol LSU fans can get to quickest. That’s right, it’s Gators vs. Tigers and the winner will get a huge boost to their Playoff résumé.

But that’s not the only game happening this weekend. There are big games across the SEC, and also Arkansas at Kentucky. Let’s check in with every SEC fan base and see how they’re feeling heading into Week 7.


Alabama is coming off a bye week. Although to be fair, when most of your games are over by the 2nd quarter, every week feels like a bye week. Now the Tide have to face Texas A&M, and if Bama can just play them 4 points closer than Arkansas did, they’ll be in pretty good shape.


If Arkansas is ever going to get an SEC win this year, now is the time. An extra week to prepare for Kentucky should give the Razorbacks every advantage they need. But if they lose Saturday, then at least things can’t get any worse. So technically it’s a win-win.


We all know no team is better at sending their fans through soaring highs and crushing lows than Auburn. There’s an equal chance the loss to Florida either sends them spiraling for the rest of the season or that they regroup, run the table and deal Alabama an epic loss that will be replayed the rest of time. No amount of rejuvenated Gus can ever keep Auburn from being Auburn, so the best thing to do is just enjoy the ride.


What will Dan Mullen have to do to start getting the national media to take the Gators seriously? Sure, most of their wins feel like Buzz Lightyear falling from the sky, landing on his feet and calling it flying, but no one has done it better than the Gators have over their past 10 games. This Saturday might be the ultimate test of that, but either way, a little appreciation would be nice.


It was a very charitable gesture on behalf of Kirby Smart and the Bulldogs to give Tennessee a glimmer of hope for a few minutes last week, but now the Dawgs turn their attention to South Carolina. It might be awhile until they’re truly tested, but until then, beating up on the SEC East is a fun hobby.


A bye week was a good opportunity for Kentucky fans to remember what it was like to have a Saturday in 2019 not ruined by your football team. Now they’ll get a chance to turn things around in a cross-division game against Arkansas — an SEC game so depressing they might have to put it on the ACC Network.


It’s all been leading to this for the record-breaking LSU offense. Can they continue their dominance against what might be the best defense in college football? Or will the ghosts of LSU offense past pay a visit to Death Valley? The one thing we know for sure is that Baton Rouge will be loud, vulgar and scary. Like a typical conversation with Joe Burrow.

Mississippi State

Mississippi State had 2 weeks to watch film on Tennessee, and you can’t imagine a punishment worse than that. Joe Moorhead should worry less about preparation and more about making sure they didn’t pick up any bad habits.


Tough injury luck overshadowed a 4th consecutive win for the Tigers, but now all they can do is regroup and keep winning. Oh, and remember to never schedule Troy again. (Or Wyoming.)

Ole Miss

After a convincing win over Vandy, Ole Miss can go undefeated against the SEC East with a win over Mizzou on Saturday. Let’s Florida or Georgia do that. Meanwhile, John Rhys Plumlee has solidified himself as the starter, and as long as he never has to throw the ball under any circumstance, Ole Miss should be in pretty good shape.

South Carolina

You know what would be nice? If you didn’t have to play Georgia and Florida back-to-back, especially when you already had to play the No. 1 team in the country a few weeks earlier, and extra especially when you have to play the No. 2 team at the end of the year. But hey, that’s just life as a Gamecocks fan.


Just the fact that Georgia fans had to consider for a second the thought of “Could we actually lose to Tennessee?” shows that things might be turning around. It might be turning at the pace of a giant cruise ship, but turning nonetheless. The next step would be to actually win an FBS game, which could happen this weekend vs. Mississippi State. Will it? Who knows, but no matter what happens, at least you’ve already hit rock bottom!

Texas A&M

The Aggies’ fan base isn’t freaking out nearly as much as the national media says they are … just don’t check any message boards or Facebook comments. At the end of the day, A&M has only lost 2 games and both were to top 10 teams. Sure, seeing some sense of improvement as a program would be, nice but Jimbo has 8 long, long years to figure that out.


Oh, is it still football season?