Misery loves company, and there is plenty of unhappiness to go around the SEC. From 2 potential robberies (looking at you, SEC officials in Jordan-Hare, and the Nick Saban accusations), to talks of purging players and seemingly the death of defense, several fan bases have reasons to be all up in their feelings.

Here’s to hoping Week 4 brings more cheer and how every SEC fan base should feel entering the week.


Count your blessing that you’re not Pete Golding. Pray that maybe Lane Kiffin did know what was happening on the Tide sidelines because currently South Alabama’s defense is ranked higher than the one in Tuscaloosa. Stetson Bennett is no Matt Corral, but that Georgia defense provides slightly more resistance than the Oxford air.


Bo Nix for Fayetteville mayor? That Auburn game is a combination of the best a fan base should feel about a loss while simultaneously being the absolute worst way to lose a game. Anytime the SEC has to invoke the heralded Rule 12-3-2-e-1, you know you’re in for a long day. On the bright side, Feleipe Franks might be ready to put up numbers this weekend not seen since before Bobby Petrino crashed on Highway 16.


The SEC: home of the nation’s best officials. Not sure a 2-point win over the Razorbacks should qualify as revenge for Chad Morris, but at least it looks like the Tigers have their next All-SEC caliber running back. And speaking of tanks:


No one is invincible. Superman has kryptonite, and the Gators have Jimbo Fisher. And possibly the only DC capable of negating Kyle Pitts is Todd Grantham. Saturday against LSU has the potential to make Alabama-Ole Miss look like a rock fight, so if you happen to be in the area, heed Dan Mullen’s advice and squeeze 90K in The Swamp because the only super spreader in that stadium will be the teams’ spread offenses.


All hail the last surviving SEC defense of 2020 about to lay its life on the line against Mac Jones and Najee Harris. Bulldog fans have real reason to believe this defense is capable of slowly suffocating the Tide like it has others in past weeks. Whatever Kirby Smart serves at halftime needs to be bottled and sold because no team responds in the second half like Georgia. Realistically, this could be just Game 1 of a 3-game series against Alabama, so relax and keep fine-tuning those cocktail recipes.


Who knew the path to victory was to simply record 402 fewer yards than the week prior? The Wildcats did all of the plundering as the Pirate could only watch as KJ Costello passed out interceptions like it was free candy. Georgia’s defense may get all the hype in this conference, but Kentucky fans have to feel like they deserve their share of the pie too. Quinton Bohanna shares that confidence.


An SEC fan base would never cast such aspersions, but remember how it ended for Gene Chizik? That certainly would never happen in 2020, not under these circumstances. But Bo Pelini, my gosh. Connor Bazelak had more pockets to throw in than a pair of cargo shorts, and there was no absence of Derek Stingley to even blame it on this week. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, and the distance to Waco, Texas, has Tiger fans head over heels about the man they once employed. I hear Dan Quinn needs a job.

Mississippi State

The Air Raid was grounded to the Air Charade, and Mike Leach is walking his players off the plank. For every press conference that Leach fans enjoy when the times are good, there’s a “fat little girlfriends” press conference when the going gets rough. That is life with the Pirate, so just keep ringing those cowbells until Mike Leach on a bandwagon returns.


Drink up, especially now that you don’t even have to worry about playing this Saturday. If you had the Tigers beating the reigning national champions for the first win of the Eli Drinkwitz-era, congratulations. What was maybe a 1-win team just became a lot more interesting.

Ole Miss

The Rebels only have half a team, but oh, is it so much fun to watch. Even when Lane Kiffin isn’t on Nick Saban’s staff, he still is the victim of a good butt-chewing from the Tide head coach. It has to feel good knowing that regardless of the hundreds of yards surrendered by the Ole Miss defense, the Rebels have a head coach who is undefeated away from the field. Maybe those Twitter DMs are one day more effective at landing recruits than Saban’s hand-written letters delivered by pigeon.

South Carolina

A game against Vanderbilt is never bad for the self-esteem. Gamecock fans have to be licking their chops at the thought of Kevin Harris carving through a K.J. Britt-less Auburn defense on Saturday, but then again, Auburn also likely won’t be scrambling to fill its roster with kids off the IM fields like the Commodores have had to do in recent weeks.


So it turns out Georgia is not a great comp for Missouri (2 wins), South Carolina (2 wins), Indiana, Vanderbilt, Kentucky or UAB. The new streak for Volunteers fans to concern themselves with is 34, as in 34 consecutive losses to top-10 teams. A week after praising the offensive line, it took all of 2 quarters to revert to normal. Nature is healing. Tennessee looked like Tennessee.

Texas A&M

Never a doubt. Not even a moment of hesitation. Jimbo Fisher is 100% the man to save College Station — or beat Florida. That $75 million might be the bargain of the century, and Kellen Mond is as legit as they come. And with the game against Florida already in the books, there’s no reason to think the Aggies can’t finish the season 9-1.


Kudos to Derek Mason and staff for at least fielding a team with 56 scholarship players last week, although that won’t be the case this week, which is why the game was canceled. The silver lining in Nashville? The locals are so upset with the Tennessee Titans they haven’t really noticed the Commodores are 0-3.