The 2019 NFL Draft officially wrapped up, along with new records for SEC players drafted and salty tweets from Danny Kanell. It was a standout week for the conference, but who’s feeling good, who’s feeling bad, and who’s officially a basketball school now?

Let’s check in on everybody and see how the SEC fan bases are faring after the draft:


Losing 10 guys to the NFL Draft has to be a tough blow, and even worse they only have 25 blue-chip recruits coming in to fill those holes. It’s gonna take a heck of a coaching job by Saban to overcome this. … But in all reality, Bama fans are too busy laughing at the fact that Alabama State had more first-round picks than Auburn to care about anything else.


It’s pretty obvious Bill Belichick has a thing for the Razorbacks. First he hires Bret Bielema, then he becomes the first to draft an Arkansas player: lineman Hjalte Froholdt. Watch out for next year when the Patriots will start playing one game a year in Little Rock and struggle against North Texas.


As the old saying goes, the NFL Draft doesn’t truly get exciting until the end of the third round and that’s right when the Auburn draft picks started flying off the board. Sure, Alabama might have a lot to brag about, but can they experience the joy of having 2 players taken in the 7th round? No. That’s just for Auburn fans to enjoy


Face it, the Gators are back. They’re dominating New Year’s Day games, feeling cocky, and beating up on their rivals (with one exception.) That’s why it was no surprise to see the Gators score big in the draft, too, with 5 players taken. Sure, Jawaan Taylor and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson should have been taken earlier, but let’s face it, what NFL team is gonna take a chance on a guy that spent multiple years being coached by Jim McElwain. Ew.


Are Georgia fans bitter about Elijah Holyfield walking away only to run an embarrassing 40 time and get drafted by absolutely nobody? No, not at all. Why do you ask? With all the talent coming back, what are the chances they come just barely short of beating Alabama 3 years in a row? Pretty good? OK then.


How cool was it to see Kentucky highlights during the first portion of the draft that didn’t include a UK player throwing a pick to a highly touted LSU corner or giving up a sack to a monster Alabama edge rusher. Congrats Josh Allen, you now get to play in the Kentucky of Florida … Jacksonville.


The Tigers only had 3 players taken in the 2019 draft, which is pretty low by LSU’s recent standards. But that just means Coach O has more tools to work with this fall. It will be really interesting to see which defender steps up and becomes the next great LSU player that the SEC refs decide to call a targeting penalty on right before the Alabama game.

Mississippi State

Wow what an amazing and historic first round that was for Mississippi State. Three defenders taken in the first 27 picks. I wonder what kind of positive, uplifting, totally fair and appropriate commentary ESPN will have about this. Oh … that wasn’t good.


All eyes were on Drew Lock, where will he go and how high up? After a bit of a wait, Lock ended up with the Broncos. Sure it would have been nice to get drafted a little higher but at least he won’t have to play for a team run by Dave Gettleman. If Drew Lock wanted to play for an organization run secretly by Archie Manning and his network of dark money and power, he would have signed with Ole Miss.

Ole Miss

The Rebs saw 6 players drafted, which has to feel great. Or it might feel like the final close of a window that might not be open for them in the SEC West again for a long, long time. Luckily, Ole Miss fans have The Grove to drink themselves to optimism.

South Carolina

Just three Gamecock players taken this year, but it’s OK because Carolina message boards are thisclose to getting the Clemson football program taken down after being briefly mentioned in a federal trial last week.


Oh, was the draft this past weekend? Must have missed it.

Texas A&M

The draft was so good for the Aggies that even their 12th man got taken in the 7th round. That means every male in the student body will be convinced they’re just one Jimbo Fisher phone call from the NFL. Unfortunately, it seems like Jimbo has been on the phone with Scott Woodward for a while now, so he might be busy.


Vandy had 2 players taken in the draft, which was a relief because can you imagine the embarrassment of not having a player from your team get drafted when the draft takes place in your home state? (Sorry, Tennessee.) Fortunately, all the festivities have cleared out of Nashville so Derek Mason can go back to screaming at Florida’s coaches, and Jeremy Pruitt can go back to ruining bachelorette parties.