Former Ole Miss coach Hugh Freeze resigned amid a scandal involving calls made to escort services from his university-issued phone prior to the start of the 2017 season.

He also recently received a penalty from the NCAA involving a failure to monitor his assistant coaches, so he isn’t exactly in the best regards of many athletic directors right now. However, he’s an innovative offensive coach and could land an offensive coordinator position for the 2018 season.

But first, Freeze needs to rehab his image, which he has begun to do, opening up about how difficult the past year has been for him.

In an excellent profile by Gridiron Now’s Rachel Baribeau, Freeze said dealing with Saturdays this fall has been very difficult for him:

“Saturday is the most difficult day,” Hugh Freeze told me during a recent series of conversations. “My typical week usually goes – I’ll start on Tuesday – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday are usually pretty good. Jill (his wife) and I have good family time, good marriage-building stuff. It’s just been awesome for us to spend this time together because we haven’t had this much time. …

“Then Saturday comes and I get into an almost depressed mode and then I have to pray and fight through that. I kind of get by myself, don’t want to be around anybody. And that kind of carries over on through Saturday night. Sunday morning, then we go to church and I kind of get back on the upswing. It usually takes me ’til Monday afternoon to count all my blessings and trust God with my future. But Saturday is by far the most difficult.”

Moving forward, Freeze said he thinks he has a lot to offer a school that decides to take a chance on him, despite his now-checkered past:

“I really believe I have a lot to offer a program whether as an assistant or a head coach, and I’m hopeful it’s very soon,” Freeze said. “That program will get a very determined, motivated, better Coach Freeze if given a second chance.”

The excellent profile piece by Baribeau also features insightful comments from Jill Freeze and is well worth a read. Find it here.