When Hugh Freeze was at Ole Miss, the Rebels’ offense was one of the best in the SEC. Heck, Freeze even pulled off upsets of Alabama twice.

That high-octane output was against some of the best defenses in the country. Outside of Georgia, the SEC doesn’t have many standout defenses in 2020.

Appearing on Wednesday’s edition of “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Freeze said he’s been shocked by some of the poor defense being played in the SEC (via The Spun):

“I’m shocked. We scored a lot of points (at Ole Miss) a couple of those years and we were really good defensively our first 3 years,” Freeze said. “And then we were not so good on defense and we continued to score a lot of points. … When I get home from these games and I see some of the scores, I think to myself, ‘Man, that’s not the same defense I coached against, I don’t think, many of those years.’ Even those offenses have gotten so much better. But it is hard to stop offenses today that are doing everything and making you defend the whole field on every play. I am somewhat shocked at some of the scores, like you say.”

Will the SEC get it together defensively, or is this sort of scoring frenzy going to continue during the 2020 season? We’ll find out what happens with this weekend’s games.