Hurricane Ida is nearing Louisiana as college football turns the calendar past the Week 0 games on Saturday.

The storm is already having an impact on Week 1. LSU has moved practices to Houston as Ed Orgeron’s Tigers get ready to face UCLA in Los Angeles. LSU’s buses were packed for Houston on Saturday morning and the team left last night after a mock game. With evacuation traffic, however, the trip took much longer than usual.

LSU will practice in Houston until Thursday when the team leaves for LA.

There is a notable game currently scheduled in Louisiana. No. 2 Oklahoma is set to play at Tulane on Saturday, Sept. 4. The Tulane football team has moved to Birmingham to prepare for the Sooners.

OU Vice President and Athletics Director Joe Castiglione released a statement on Friday:

“As the National Weather Service tracks tropical storm and hurricane activity in the Atlantic and Gulf Regions, and as predictive models are updated, we have received many inquiries from fans planning to follow the Sooners to New Orleans next week when we open the 2021 football season at Tulane University. In the spirit of proactive planning and communication, I have been in regular contact with Tulane Athletics Director Troy Dannen for the past month. In the past few days, we have stayed in even closer contact as we continue to monitor the development of Hurricane Ida, which is currently forecasted to arrive along the Gulf Coast this weekend. First and foremost, our concern is with any and all those in the path of the storm. We are praying for everyone’s safety. At this time, the game slated for Saturday, September 4, is still on as planned. However, both universities are considering contingencies should post-storm conditions warrant. It is too early to speculate, but we will continue to monitor the situation and be prepared to take necessary actions as appropriate. Again, our concern rests with our friends at Tulane and all of those who could be impacted by the hurricane. Please follow OU Athletics online accounts for updates.”