Over the past nine months, no SEC rivalry has intensified more than Florida-LSU. There was the Hurricane Matthew rescheduling debacle, which was followed by lots of finger-pointing in the national media. Since the Gators pulled off a 16-10 victory over the Tigers in Baton Rouge, they have seemingly jumped on every possible opportunity to rub it in on social media. In June, the two teams met in the College World Series finals.

While there’s plenty of bad blood between the Gators and Tigers, Mike Gundy recently recalled how a Florida fan and an LSU fan attending the CWS in Omaha came together to heckle him, good-naturedly, over his infamous “I’m a man! I’m 40!” press conference.

“They were having a good time with it,” he said at Big 12 Media Days, per USA Today’s George Schroeder. “I took pictures with him. They were 20 to 30 beers over the limit. That’s the only time I’ve heard it in the last few years.”

For those feeling a bit nostalgic for the wacky season that was 2007, the Gundy rant can be relived below thanks to YouTube.