“When you know, you know.”

That line relates to many things in life. It’s most commonly used by someone in love. It can also be used for something on an everyday basis. Like, when you look at an avocado that’s brown as dirt, you know it’s gone bad. Or, when you down your eighth Red Bull of the day, you know you aren’t going to get any sleep that night.

Speaking of people who consume copious amounts of Red Bull, Chad Morris had a “when you know, you know” moment last week. Here’s the backstory.

Vernon Broughton is a coveted 2020 defensive tackle with offers from everywhere, including Arkansas. The Houston native is the No. 4 defensive tackle recruit and No. 71 overall recruit in the country. He’s the type of recruit that Morris aspired to land from the Lone Star State when he left SMU for Fayetteville last year.

Last week, Broughton attended Arkansas’ Junior Day, where he was accompanied by some family. His younger brother came along, as did his cousin. Both left Fayetteville with scholarship offers from Arkansas.

Why is that significant, you ask? Well, Broughton’s cousin, Vincent Wells, is only in eighth grade. Morris is apparently out here offering middle schoolers? Well, I guess it’s been done before. At least he isn’t offering elementary school kids.

Oh, wait. He’s totally doing that.

Broughton’s little brother is in fifth grade. And now, as Broughton announced on Twitter, his fifth grade brother got a shiny new offer to play Power 5 football!

I’ll say this. Isaiah Broughton, class of 2026, doesn’t look like he’s in fifth grade. He’s nearly as tall as Morris and he’s got some size to push people around. I could see him developing into a solid …

Wait. I’m going to stop breaking down a kid who won’t graduate college until 2030.

Here’s the thing. There’s no way Morris actually sat down and looked at extensive film of a fifth grade kid playing Pop Warner and thought, “yes, I can see how he fits into our system.”

I’d bet good money that Morris’ thought process went a little differently. It was probably more like, “well, if I offer Vernon’s little brother and his cousin, it’ll show how serious we are about him before he makes his decision soon.”

It’s basically like in “The Blind Side” when then-Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron offers Michael Oher’s adopted brother S.J. (I guess that’s what you’d call them?) a chance to lead the team through The Grove on “The Walk of Champions.” SJ was all like “Tennessee offered me to run on to the field AND flip the coin.”

This is the 2019 version of that. But fifth grade? Not even Lane Kiffin offered anyone that young.

Kiffin offered Matt Leinart’s 11-year old son (a sixth-grader) a scholarship. Back when Kiffin was at USC, he offered a 13-year old quarterback phenom a scholarship. That seventh-grader was actually David Sills, who was an All-American receiver catching passes for Will Grier at West Virginia. Five years after Sills got his offer from Kiffin, the USC coach had been replaced. Technically, Steve Sarkisian didn’t pull Sills’ offer, but he wouldn’t return any of his phone calls when an injury slowed down his progression in high school. It worked out for Sills, who switched to receiver.

There’s no guarantee that a fifth grade kid will even want to play college football. And while Morris plans on rebuilding Arkansas, the going rate of college coaches suggests that the odds favor him not being there 7 years from now when Broughton would be a freshman.

But think about it. Morris handed out 248 offers in the 2019 cycle alone. Why not throw out a way-too-early offer at a recruit’s sibling to see if it’ll sweeten the pot? That’s been done before and it’ll be done again.

I can picture Vernon Broughton sitting at an in-home visit with Isaiah at his side. Texas coach Tom Herman turns to Isaiah and says, “we’re gonna let you watch every game on the field right next to Bevo.” Isaiah will have a smirk on his face when he responds to Herman.

“Arkansas offered me to run on to the field AND come play there in 7 years.”

The new Bama-lovin’ Bachelorette

I have a confession. I realize this will lose me any credibility I might’ve had left but here goes nothin’.

I watch “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette.” Even worse, I’m in multiple leagues that are essentially equivalent of trashy reality TV fantasy football. Sue me. I like to unwind on a Monday night with my wife. I don’t live tweet the entire thing like some people do, but I don’t miss an episode.

So let me tell you all about how on Earth this relates to SEC football because I promise, it does.

Tuscaloosa native and former Miss Alabama Hannah Brown is the new Bachelorette. That’s after she was turned down in this most recent of “The Bachelor.” Within 10 seconds of being introduced as the new Bachelorette on the live show on Tuesday night, Hannah belted out a “Roll Tide.”

Not surprisingly, that wasn’t the first time we heard that from Hannah. The running joke she brought on herself during this recent season of “The Bachelor” was that she was horrible at making toasts. When they invited her on the “Women Tell All” episode, they jokingly asked Hannah to make a toast. She got to an awkward point and her only way out of it was to close with a “Roll Tide.”

Now before you jump to stereotypical conclusions, you should know that Hannah graduated manga cum laude from Alabama. So yes, she has a brain, and no, she’s not part of the 85 percent. This actually is further confirmation of my theory.

You see, Hannah often came off as speechless on camera. Despite her pageantry background, it seemed like she always second-guessed what she should and shouldn’t say. The only words that seem to naturally roll off the tongue for her are “Roll Tide.” Her entire Twitter bio literally reads “I say roll tide an aggressive amount.”

This season of “The Bachelorette” (which kicks off May 13 or whatever), there will be an obvious game amongst those of us who don’t mind an adult beverage or two when we kick back on Monday nights. That is, every time Hannah says “Roll Tide,” you take a sip of said adult beverage. We don’t know who the contestants are yet, but if there’s not at least one former Alabama football player, well, these incredibly-talented casting directors have let us all down.

How ironic it would be if Hannah, who said she could believe in love at first sight, experienced that for the first time and it was with a former Alabama football player.

Because when you know, you know.