Ah, game week.

It’s that beautiful time of year when we forget to act like normal human beings because football is back. Normal bathing habits? Overrated. A diet that requires half a bottle of Tums as a chaser? Sign me up.

SEC opening weekend is here, which means that #ItMightMeanTooMuch is going to get ramped up even more. Consider this my shameless plug to send all of those wild, wacky stories of SEC fandom to cogara@saturdaydownsouth.com. Or if you just want to send me an email to pass the time at work, I love friendly conversation.

You know what else I love? What this one Georgia fan did.

As we all know, Jake Fromm is a popular man in Athens these days. Yes, he’s QB1. He’s also apparently the top option for one family’s baby gender reveal request.

Check this out:

There are so many things to dissect here.

For starters, that’s sort of an aggressive move to put “please contact my son” on Facebook. For some reason, the ball is now in Fromm’s court to make this happen. That’s, um, ambitious.


Goodness gracious. You couldn’t have given Fromm a week? Or a month? It’s not like you didn’t know the baby was coming. Surely you could have thrown “ask Jake Fromm if he wants to do the baby gender reveal” higher on the to-do list a few weeks ago.

It’s not like it’s game week or anything. Sure, it’s Austin Peay. Fromm still has bigger fish to fry (pun definitely intended). Your window to catch him — if any — probably would have been when he was getting fish hooks stuck in his leg over the summer.

That’s the other thing. What are the odds that Fromm would get injured doing something like this? I’ve seen those confetti cannons used frequently for gender reveals. Considering Fromm’s luck with random injuries this offseason, I could easily see one of those taking out his eye and giving way to Justin Fields to steal his job.

Do you really want that on your conscious? Yeah, think that one through next time.

One thing that SEC fans seem to put a lot of thought into is which bumper stickers or flags will be represented on their vehicles (usually on the back of their trucks).

Take this person, who apparently wanted the world to know how big of an SEC fan they were but having not one but two SEC flags on their red truck.

That’s some serious dedication. That person is definitely someone who reads SDS on a regular basis. In fact, I can say with certainty that’s the person who starts the S-E-C! S-E-C! chants at bowl games. We finally tracked them down.

I’d love to see the reactions of people in Manhattan compared to Knoxville or something. I assume it’s nothing but puzzled looks and stink eyes in the Big Apple. In the heart of SEC territory, that person isn’t paying for a drink.

Both of those things are well and good, but you know what really warms my heart? A grandma who’s not afraid to jump off the top rope and body slam a family member for the sake of SEC.

That’s exactly what this Auburn fan did (sorry for the NSFW language):

I’m just going to assume that she’s best friends with Tammy. Those two are definitely playing Mahjong together every weekday at 10 a.m. and bouncing fire Alabama takes off one another.

I mean, one can only assume her takes are fire. She low-key predicted that Auburn could be No. 1 and that Alabama could lose every game it plays. If that happens, I’m driving to see Ms. Higgs so that she can tell me how the rest of time is going to play out.

We know that she’s certainly confident in herself. Otherwise she wouldn’t have a profile picture of herself blowing a kiss. By the way, I did confirm that she is a grandma because her Facebook page consisted of nothing but shared video posts about new recipes to try. If that’s not a sign that she’s in fact, elderly, I don’t know what is.

Now that I know this exists, I’m going to need this woman to go on Facebook Live after every single Auburn game, win or lose.

Better yet, preview videos calling Alabama losses to Arkansas State or The Citadel would suffice.