Once you see it, there’s no going back. It’ll be burned in your brain forever.

OK, that might’ve been a bit extreme.

This is a PG-website. Well, maybe it’s more like PG-13. You won’t see anything so horrific that you deem it inappropriate. That, I can promise you.

But I’m not sure when a situation ever calls for this look:

Before I ask some questions, let me just say that everyone is entitled to their own style. If everyone dressed and looked exactly the same, the world would be a pretty boring place.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have any problem with the hair. Everyone has a right to look like late-90s Edwin McCain. You do you, man. There are tons of people who wish they could grow their hair out like that, so flaunting that lettuce is perfectly fine in my book. And from one bearded man to another, I won’t hate on that, either.

But goodness, that crop-top/SEC logo combination is something.

It’s clear that it was a conscious choice to wear the crop top in order to show the SEC logo. There are only a few items in the wardrobe that can show off the ole gut.

What’s unclear is whether it’s a tattoo or just paint. There seems to be some disagreement on Twitter. Instead of jumping to conclusions, let’s map out both scenarios.

The paint option

If it’s body paint, that guy thought to himself, “hey, anyone can do face paint. Shoot, dudes always spell things out in their chest, too. You know what would be unique? Painting the SEC logo on my stomach and showing it off with the skimpiest Arkansas shirt I can find.”

The strange thing is that we know from the shirt that he’s an Arkansas fan. So why not get the Razorbacks logo painted on there instead of the SEC logo? That, I don’t know. In a game involving a pair of SEC teams in which he clearly has a rooting interest, perhaps he just wanted to give himself an out in the event that Arkansas lost (which it did). Nobody can troll the guy rooting for both teams, right?

Can you imagine being the other person who painted that on his stomach? (I’m assuming he wasn’t crafty enough to do it himself.)

Guy 1: “Are you sure you want me to paint the SEC logo on your stomach?”

Guy 2: “Absolutely. I need to show why SEC fans are the craziest fans in America. I see no better way.”

Guy 1: “Um, anything is better than this.”

Guy 2: “Oh yeah? Like what?”

Guy 1: “I don’t know. Start an ‘S-E-C, S-E-C!’ chant at a bowl game like everyone else does.”

Guy 2: “That’s the problem. That’s already been done. Plus, Arkansas’ bowl chances are, um, not great after the San Jose State loss. I want to do something unique, and this will definitely get me on camera.”

Guy 1: “OK, fair enough. How many coats of this do you want on there?”

Or something like that.

The tattoo option

If this is indeed a tattoo, we’re talking about a different level of #ItMightMeanTooMuch. Anyone can get an SEC logo tattoo on their shoulder or leg. But if we’re talking about someone getting an SEC logo tattoo that stretches across their entire stomach, that, my friends, is a game-changer.

That’s someone who is forever going to get stares every time he goes swimming. And I’m not sure if this fellow is married, but how do you explain that to a significant other? It’s one thing to say “yeah, I have a fear of water” or “my armpits sweat at absurd levels.”

Imagine being on the third or fourth date with someone and deciding, “OK. Now is when I need to tell them about my SEC stomach tattoo.”

We don’t know what was underneath the crop top or the jeans that dude was rocking, but he doesn’t look like someone who’s tatted up. I probably wouldn’t have mentioned this if that were the case because the SEC logo tattoo/paint wouldn’t have stood out so much.

But here we are, breaking down a move that’s peak-SEC. Rocking a homemade crop top to show off an SEC logo is aggressive. You wouldn’t see that at some neutral-site Pac-12 game.

The amazing thing is that even if that was a tattoo, it might not have been the most appropriate tattoo worn by an Arkansas fan in Dallas last Saturday.

You’ll see the words “be sad” on the arm of this upset Arkansas fan:

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up.

Quite the LSU digs

Speaking of painting things to show off SEC fandom, check out the picture of this home that was posted to our Saturday Down South Podcast Facebook group (via Ryan Straughan):

Credit: Ryan Straughan

This is in South Louisiana, so needless to say, there’s some functionality purposes to elevating a trailer. Avoiding the flooding makes a lot of sense (you’ll notice the satellite dish is elevated, too).

You know what else makes a lot of sense? The fact that there’s a purple and gold trailer with “LSU Tigers” on it in South Louisiana.

I love that even the deck is painted purple. At that point, if you’re going for it, go all in. You’ve already crossed the point of caring what non-football fans will think of you based on your home. May as well color-coordinate the entire thing and not just the exterior of the home.

That reminds me, if that’s what the outside looks like, what in the world does the interior look like? I’m imaging wall-to-wall LSU memorabilia. Maybe even some of Les Miles’ favorite grass is displayed prominently on the wall. Whatever the case, I’m guessing the outside is just the tip of the iceberg for this person’s LSU dedication.

Again, not to keep picking on the Pac-12 — something that’s not very difficult — but picture something like this out West. I can’t.

What I can picture is that the owner of this LSU-themed trailer gets creative with the “LSU Tigers” lettering on the side of the house.

Maybe “Burrow for Heisman” or “beat Bama” would be topical in the next few weeks.