Michigan jack-of-all-trades Jabrill Peppers, who at times has been a linebacker, return specialist and running back, among other positions, for the Wolverines this season, is in New York for Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy presentation.

However, the junior told MLive.com that he doesn’t expect to take home the trophy when the winner is announced:

“Quite frankly, I don’t think I should (win it),” Peppers deadpanned Friday afternoon in Manhattan. “There are a lot of other guys here who are more qualified.”

He said he appreciates the honor of being the only defensive player invited to the ceremony, but added that there are a couple of SEC candidates — Tennessee DE Derek Barnett and Alabama DT Jonathan Allen — who also deserved to make the trip to New York:

“It’s a tremendous honor and as I’ve said before, I feel like a lot of other guys could’ve been here,” Peppers said. “(Tennessee’s) Derek Barnett, (Alabama’s) Jonathan Allen. Guys who have done a lot for their squad. For them to pick me, I’m going to represent those guys.

“I’m just happy I’m here with the likes of the other guys who are finalists. I’m going to enjoy every moment of it.”

The Heisman Trophy presentation will take place at 8 p.m. Eastern time on Saturday night. It can be seen on ESPN.