Georgia high school football made national news last week when it was revealed that the parents of high-profile quarterback recruit Jake Garcia legally separated to make him eligible to play for Rush Propst’s Valdosta program. A new report, however, reveals Garcia’s eligibility is under review.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the Georgia High School Association is now investigating Garcia’s eligibility. Garcia, who is committed to Southern Cal, moved across the country to play a 2020 fall after California postponed football into the winter. His parents dissolved their marriage, with Garcia’s father making the move to Georgia while his mother still lives and works in California, in an effort to meet transfer eligibility requirements.

The AJC report, however, notes that GHSA bylaws might not be satisfied:

GHSA bylaws require that transfer students move “simultaneously with the entire parental unit” into their new school zones to be eligible immediately. The GHSA acknowledged an ongoing investigation but would not comment on it, per office policy.

The ESPN report on the Garcias’ separation noted that the parents planned to reunite after Jake’s senior season in Valdosta. Jake plans to enroll at USC in January.

Garcia passed for 332 in his Valdosta debut but sat out the team’s second game. Propst told the AJC that Garcia sat out due to a lower-leg injury.