James Franklin is known around the SEC as the man that made Vanderbilt a winner for a few seasons, leading the Commodores to back-to-back nine win seasons in 2012 and 2013.

But now that he’s at Penn State, he’s just another Big Ten coach that could be poaching potential SEC recruits.

So when we noticed that he was making waves up north for some questionable recruiting tactics, it became a Saturday Down South problem.

The controversy stems from the treatment of four-star recruit Lavert Hill at Saturday’s hockey game between the Nittany Lions and Wisconsin.

Hill was on campus for a recruiting visit, and Penn State ran him onto the ice during a break in the action to receive a standing ovation from the crowd:

Penn State then flashed an image of Hill onto the stadium screen that implied that gave the impression of what he may look like as a Nittany Lions player:

Are these moves against the rules?

Ben Jones, who is the sports editor at statecollege.com, was all over this story while covering the game.

He appears to have identified the rule that would have been in question:

While there has not been comment from Franklin, Nittany Lions offensive recruiting coordinator and WR coach Josh Gattis did make a response to allegations on Twitter:


ESPN recruiting analyst Tom VanHaaren weighed in with the information that he had on the stunt:

It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this particular case.