Earlier this month, there was an ugly incident in a Japanese college football game, with a defender diving at a quarterback’s knees well after the play was over.

That player received a harsh punishment, but in the aftermath of the tackle, it came out that his coaches had ordered him to make the hit.

Now, according to The Japan Times, those two coaches have been banned from the league for life:

“We gave the harshest punishment to the coaches because we decided they forced the player to make the illegal tackle,” said Keiji Morimoto, the chairman of the discipline committee. “We had the hearings from about 20 people, including players and coaches from both schools, officials and witnesses of the game. We also obtained videos and voices to investigate.”

The player and team have been suspended for the 2018 season as well, but there are conditions that they could meet to be reinstated. The coaches, though, will be out of the league forever.

Check out a video of the ugly tackle below: