Jim Harbaugh slams ‘Pete’ Finebaum on Twitter, calls him the ‘SEC water carrier’

Nov 26, 2016; Columbus, OH, USA;  Michigan Wolverines head coach Jim Harbaugh during the third quarter against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Ohio Stadium. Ohio State won 30-27. Mandatory Credit: Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh and Paul Finebaum aren’t afraid to stir up a hornets’ nest, are they?

In the latest in a long line of fun shots toward one another, Harbaugh brought the thunder in his latest jab at Finebaum, calling him “Pete” and the “SEC water carrier” on Twitter.

We’re 99.9 percent sure he meant to call him Pete, too.

Recently, Finebaum joined ESPN’s Outside the Lines and criticized Harbaugh for hiring California high school coach Michael Johnson, who happens to be the father of the top 2019 quarterback recruit.

“This is wrong,” Finebaum said (via Football Scoop). “It may not be illegal by NCAA standards and bylaws as of this moment, but to me it’s cheating. It’s blatantly disregarding the spirit of the NCAA rule. We all know why he’s doing it. And this is the same person who last year accused Nick Saban of cheating, he accused Hugh Freeze of cheating, and in my mind, and I know you can’t prove it and he won’t be penalized for it, but he’s cheating and why don’t we just face up to it? There’s no other reason why he would hire this man. It’s been done in the past… but it’s still wrong. I don’t know why the media celebrates Jim Harbaugh for disregarding the NCAA rule book and doing things that are in my mind unethical.”

But that’s nothing new. Finebaum has been somewhat of a Michigan hater since Harbaugh arrived, and he previously called him the Donald Trump of college football.

“But for whatever reason, the SEC coaches will not learn,” Finebaum said last year. “They have to keep reacting to this guy. It’s like Rubio and Kasich and Bush all reacting to Donald Trump. That’s what he wants. And the Donald Trump of college football, Jim Harbaugh, wants Greg Sankey and Hugh Freeze and Butch Jones and Gus Malzahn and Bret Bielema to all get their panties in a wad and make it an even a bigger story.”

Finebaum also bashed Michigan fans in December for being entitled.

“Michigan fans lately have been the worst,” Finebaum said in December. “Because they have won, let’s see, half a national championship in about 60 years, and they talk like they’re Alabama, Ohio State, [USC], Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Penn State wrapped into one.”

And Harbaugh has apparently had enough of it.

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  • Paul, don’t call Harbaugh the “Donald Trump” of college football because then he will start WINNING every game

  • No one cares what Big-talking coaches that can’t do any better than 10-3 have to say.

    • No one cares about what Pete Finebaum has to say. He is a scrawny old man with a stick up his butt. Jimbo Fisher did the same thing by hiring Mario Edwards Jr’s dad to become a coach, yet Finebaum doesn’t put Florida State or Jimbo on blast. He secretly loves Harbaugh since he is always talking about him.

  • Alabama water carrier would have been more accuratel

  • Harbaugh can say what he wants but the facts are facts. The last time Michigan won something was 1997 and it was half a championship. Then you have to go back all the way to 1948. Most of the players that were on the last Michigan team to win a full title are either in the ground or are about to be. Michigan is also 21-24 in bowls. If any Michigan fans read this, why are you so cocky? It ain’t 1905 anymore.

  • I will fail to the side of a d1 coach prior to backing a reporter who has never played a snap of football. That doesn’t necessarily mean I admire that coach, which in this case I don’t, but everyone has to admit, JH has forgotten more about football and running multi-million dollar teams at both the NCAA & professional level than PF will ever know.

    • So true, and also true that JH is looking for media attention because his program is not going to get out of the backwater on the strength of his tactics, techniques, fitness, or mental leadership. Sad to know your best effort is going to come up way short and be selling snake oil to try and close the gap. Also true that the fans in Over.rated land need the Nebraska. PennState.Miami.Texas and SMU attitude adjustment because programs like MS.ST, have better leadership. Quick to say all the mentioned have hired smartly, …now if the new coaches could just clean up the fans.

  • And yet….Finebaum has won just as many championships as Harbaugh has.