Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban are done.

The Texas A&M coach made that clear on Thursday during a heated 10-minute press conference during which he called out the Alabama coach for comments he made on Wednesday night about the Aggies buying their 2022 recruiting class.

But, before ending his relationship with his former boss, Fisher had plenty to get off his chest. He went scorched earth on Saban.

Here are 5 of the strongest statements he made about the Alabama coach:

On shady things in Saban’s past:

On being a narcissist:

On not taking his calls:

On Saban needing to be slapped:

On Saban’s hypocrisy:

Things are going to get heated in Destin for the SEC spring meetings! Fisher also said during his press conference that he doesn’t shy away from confrontation.

In the words of Lane Kiffin, “Get your popcorn ready!”