Heading into the 2017 NFL Draft, one of the more interesting subplots will be the evaluation and likely the ultimate drafting of former Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon. Before he ever made waves as a standout college back, Mixon found himself suspended for a season after punching a female Oklahoma student, breaking several of the bones in her face in the process.

Upon learning that video of the incident would soon become public, Mixon and his representatives released the video back in December. The reported logic behind that move was to get it out and release it to the public in order to allow as much time as possible before the upcoming draft. Whether that decision works out for Mixon, it will be interesting to see how it played with NFL teams.

Longtime NFL scout and evaluator Gil Brandt, who was a guest on Pro Football Talk Live Wednesday, suggests the incident at Oklahoma isn’t the only one NFL teams are investigating when it comes to Mixon.

“I just wouldn’t draft (Mixon),” Brandt said. “His problems started back in high school.”

The “problems” Brandt refers to are allegations Mixon assaulted a female student back in high school. According to lawyers for the female student assaulted by Mixon during his time at Oklahoma, the running back was not reprimanded at all for striking a female student in high school. Per Dallas News SportsDay, the father of the alleged victim spoke out against Mixon’s action during his high school days.

“I know for a fact he threw my daughter to the ground and hit her. I went to the school and . . . they hid him in the office. He got no punishment. The police even came. I was escorted off the campus as if I did something wrong. These are simply the facts, he’s a woman beater.”

We will soon know if this news works against Mixon in the upcoming draft, but with the selection process just over a week away, it appears momentum is working against the former Oklahoma running back heading into the 2017 NFL Draft.