Legendary NFL QB Joe Montana had a scare on Saturday as he prevented a near-kidnapping of a grandchild in his California home.

An intruder allegedly came inside the house and snatched one of their grandchildren right out of a woman’s arms, TMZ Sports reported.

A woman, 39, entered through an unlocked door, and somehow took the infant and walked to another part of the house before she was confronted by Joe and his wife, Jennifer. They wrestled the baby away from the woman. The intruder then ran out of the house.

Fortunately, L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were on the same block on an unrelated matter. Someone inside the home flagged the deputies down, told them what happened and they found the intruder a few blocks away.

The woman was booked on kidnapping and burglary charges.

Montana 64, is best known for playing 13 years for the San Francisco 49ers when he led them to four Super Bowl championships. He then left the 49ers to play for the Kansas City Chiefs for two seasons. He led the Chiefs to the conference championship during the 1993 season and to the AFC Wild Card in the 1994 season.

In retirement, he has become a spokesman for such products as Sketchers and avocados.