The SEC has come under fire for its non-conference scheduling last week ahead of this week’s rivalry games.

Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt was the latest to call out the conference for not scheduling tougher opponents, or more opponents within the conference like other leagues, such as the Big 12 and Big 10, did last week.

“You can say that it just means more in that conference, but I can say that it’s just tougher in other conferences, because it is,” Klatt said. “Your conference is very good at the top. At the top, the SEC is extraordinary with Georgia and Alabama. The middle of that conference is very similar to other conferences.”

He said Saturday proved why it’s difficult to play conference games just before a rival.

“It’s human nature to look ahead and not play your best,” Klatt said, and added that Ohio State and Michigan proved that it’s difficult to play your best no matter the opponent, and no matter the week. He characterized West Virginia’s loss to Oklahoma State being because the Mountaineers looked ahead to this week against Oklahoma.

“… Indiana is so far more superior and difficult to beat that the Citadel, it’s not even funny. I’m looking at you as well, UMass,” Klatt said. “So Georgia and Alabama, congratulations on your bye week.”

Ultimately, though, Klatt said it doesn’t matter what he thinks, or anyone else in television or otherwise think. The collective opinion of the 13-member College Football Playoff Committee is the only thing that matters.

“You 13 people are the only people on the planet that could force the SEC to change that absurd practice of scheduling these cupcakes late in November,” he said. “Because they’re not going to change, nor should they, until they are forced.”

The committee caused the Big 12 conference to make a change to add its championship game because it wouldn’t consider Baylor or TCU.

“You are the change agents in college football,” he said. “So do your job and penalize those teams for playing that schedule in November. … I suggest you do the right thing. We’ll see if you do.”