Joel Klatt, the lead college football analyst for FOX Sports, took an opportunity this week to consider the best conference in America, and the criteria he used to arrive at that conclusion.

“Your best teams, how good are they? And how many of them are there?”, Klatt asked during his first segment. “How competitive and deep is the middle of your conference?”

He mentioned that the bottom team of each conference doesn’t really hold weight into his decision. His last point covered the brands included in each group and how reliable they are in how they perform during the season.

“Are they carrying the flag for your conference across the country?”, Klatt asked as an example of what proven brands should be doing.

Klatt didn’t surprise anyone with his first choice, which was the SEC. Klatt also noted that he’s been unfairly labeled a “hater” of the SEC and that his real issues are the narratives.

“Let the games on the field set you free.”, Klatt joked as he broke down how the best conference doesn’t need the unnecessary hype because the product on the field is already great.

He then went into how this isn’t just a historical argument but it’s also a “snapshot of the 2022 season.” Klatt then broke down Georgia’s and Alabama’s success. He references recruiting, games won and the consistency both programs have had in the last 5 years.