Joel Klatt has some ideas on how to improve the College Football Playoff schedule.

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For the former player turned analyst, the first order of business would be to move the Playoff closer to the end of the regular season. Klatt said he thinks the CFP should be moved to avoid the NFL playoffs, saying “We need to avoid the NFL playoffs. That is the most powerful sports entity on the planet. Why in the world compete with that?”

Klatt also believes a way to improve the schedule is to have the playoffs before the new year, and have the championship game on New Year’s Day. The analyst says that a New Year’s Day championship game is synonymous with college football. Bringing back tradition and “owning” Saturday and New Year’s Day is key to Klatt’s plan.


Moving the championship game will solve more than one issue, according to the analyst. Per Klatt, it not only helps the league avoid the NFL playoffs, but it also helps fix the college schedule and the need for an early signing day in December. He also suggests that it’ll give players more of a break between the season and decisions on entering the NFL Draft.

We’ll see how far leaders may go to implement any of Klatt’s suggestions this season.