Joel Klatt found flaws in the College Football Playoff selection committee’s latest rankings on Tuesday, but not really at the top. It was more the rankings after the top 4 that he finds problems with this week.

Klatt is not sold on Alabama as the No. 2 team in the country given the Crimson Tide’s struggles on the offensive line, and lack of running game against LSU.

“When you look after the 4, you just see these wild inaccuracies in these rankings,” Klatt said. “That chips at their credibility. Putting Michigan over Michigan State 9 days after they beat the Wolverines is absurd. It chips away at their credibility.”

Klatt added that Auburn being ranked No. 17 and Penn State being unranked “is a joke.” Wisconsin at No. 18 and Penn State not is another joke, he said. “We saw that game play out.”

“Trust, folks, in life is very, very difficult to build,” Klatt said. “Very difficult to build. It’s like a sculpture that’s a piece of art. It’s very difficult to build, not easy, and it can be broken in an instant, and they have broken the trust. Their credibility is in shambles, it’s an absurd ranking.”