Joel Klatt is far from happy with the recent College Football Playoff rankings.

During his weekly segment on “The Herd” Klatt vehemently disagreed with the initial top 6 rankings, saying that the committee failed to rank the teams based on what they’ve done this past season.

“A team’s life cycle is 12 months,” Klatt said. “That would see reflected in these committees’ rankings that they gave us a night ago are basically ghosts of championships past, reflecting how they view these teams.”

Tennessee garnered the top spot after picking up its 5th-ranked win of the season over then-No. 19 Kentucky on Saturday at Neyland Stadium. Ohio State, which won the first CFP in 2014, has only 2 ranked wins through 8 games. Georgia, the current reigning champions, have yet to play anyone of merit since its Week 1 opener against Oregon in Atlanta. Clemson, which also remains undefeated, has 3 ranked wins, but both Wake Forest and Syracuse have struggled as of late to keep their top-tier ACC status.

Klatt argued that Clemon’s past success factored into its status as a top-4 team over the likes of undefeated programs such as Michigan and TCU, stating that the Horned Frogs have a superior resume compared to the Tigers. TCU is 1 of 2 teams with at least 4 top-25 wins on the schedule, joining only top-ranked Tennessee.

The Horned Frogs initally were ranked No. 7 in the CFP poll, but could move up this weekend with a win over Texas Tech. Alabama, which faces off against No. 10 LSU in Baton Rouge this Saturday, came in at No. 6 despite having a loss on the resume.