Following the Big Ten’s decision to shift to a conference-only schedule on Thursday, there was a report claiming the ACC would soon be following suit but according to John Swofford, that won’t be happening any time soon.

On Friday, the ACC commissioner issued a statement noting that his league won’t make any decisions on the upcoming college football season until the end of July.

“The health and safety of our student-athletes, coaches and administrators remains the ACC’s top priority. As we continue to work on the best possible path forward for the return of competition, we will do so in a way that appropriately coincides with our universities’ academic missions. Over the last few months, our conference has prepared numerous scenarios related to the fall athletics season. The league membership and our medical advisory group will make every effort to be as prepared as possible during these unprecedented times, and we anticipate a decision by our Board of Directors in late July.”

Considering how many SEC vs. ACC rivalries would be temporarily lost if each league went to a conference-only schedule, it’s good to see both leagues continue to work to ensure those games can be played in the coming season.

While the Big Ten may have gone rogue, it’s good to see the SEC and the ACC are on the same page at this moment.