Bishop Sycamore’s bizarre story screamed being a movie script, and now a well-known actor comedian and his production company are getting involved with a documentary.

Kevin Hart and his HartBeat Productions are behind it, Deadline reported. Hart and Klutch Sports Group CEO-founder Rich Paul have secured exclusive interviews with players and coaches both present and past who were part of what is now reportedly considered an online charter school. They are in discussions with high-level creative showrunners and editors.

Bishop Sycamore gained attention when it played a game against IMG Academy on ESPN, and the broadcasters openly wondered on air if Bishop Sycamore had the kind of players and talent the coaching staff promoted. There was also a discussion about if the players were safe, because they had played a game 2 days before.

Among the people looking into the school is Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, who has requested an investigation into whether Bishop Sycamore is even a school in Ohio, much less an elite football program.

“As soon as I started following this story, I was immediately drawn to it and knew it was something that myself and my team at HartBeat had to dive into. HBP thrives in the doc-series space,” Hart said. “We understand how to break down stories and capture the most interesting and honest moments in a narrative. We know this con comes with a robust backstory and cannot wait to share it with the world.”