Sometimes, even the best analysts get it wrong.

College GameDay’s Kirk Herbstreit called Saturday night’s Oklahoma-Baylor game in Waco, Texas alongside Chris Fowler and was not happy during the second half when Bears defensive back Terrell Burt fell to the turf when instructed by a teammate.

In real-time, it appeared Burt played the actor role and faked an injury — like we see more and more of now in football — to slow down quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma offense. Herbstreit immediately called Burt into question and mentioned faking an injury hurts the game’s ethics and should not be tolerated.

Fowler attempted to re-direct the thought by mentioning the possibility that Burt really was hurt, but Herbstreit quickly dismissed the notion. On Sunday, Herbstreit apologized on Twitter after learning that Burt had tweaked an ankle earlier in the game: