A Kirk Herbstreit tweet from 2014 has reemerged on social media after a controversial College Football Playoff selection show that saw Florida State get left out in favor of Alabama.

The post from Herbstreit was a reaction to Florida State fans who were upset about about the Seminoles not being higher in a the CFP rankings early in the year. Herbstreit encouraged fans to worry more about winning out rather than focusing on the rankings early in the season.

“Why such sensitivity from FSU fans,” Herbstreit wrote. “If you win out you’ll be IN the top 4 regardless. Who cares who’s 1 or 2. Goal is to FINISH in top 4!”

The post reemerged after Florida State finished its undefeated season with a win in the ACC championship, but was still left out of the CFP. The Florida State community has been bringing the tweet up to justify why it should have been included in the CFP over Alabama, who has one loss on its record.

Tate Rodemaker, Florida State’s second string quarterback who came in after Jordan Travis’ injury, gave his reaction to the old post on Sunday.

Obviously Rodemaker, like all Florida State fans, believe the Seminoles should have been included after their outstanding season. The committee didn’t agree, however, leave Florida State out now that it does not have its starting quarterback.

The Seminoles earned the No. 5 ranking in the Playoff.