If you didn’t watch the latest College Football Playoff rankings reveal show on ESPN Tuesday evening, you didn’t miss much in terms of the poll. The top six teams remained unchanged and the top 10 featured no surprises.

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The most interesting part of the night came when Kirk Herbstreit made a bold, and unfounded, statement that Michigan may duck Ohio State just to hurt the Buckeyes’ chances of making the Big Ten Championship Game and the College Football Playoff.

“I still think Michigan waves the white flag and potentially avoids playing Ohio State next week,” Herbstreit said on the show before adding. “Michigan could opt-out basically of that game and keep Ohio State out of six games to qualify for the Big Ten Championship, that doesn’t make sense to me.”

When asked if he would like to clarify his comments, instead of backing off those claims, the ESPN college football analyst doubled down on them.

“We live in such a strange world. I talk to a lot of coaches around the country who really feel teams are opting out….because they don’t want to be humiliated,” Herbstreit said on Tuesday evening. “It’s happening.”

To Herbstreit’s credit, he quickly issued a video apology to Michigan and Jim Harbaugh stating he had no evidence or indication that the Wolverines were actually planning on not playing Ohio State.

Now, just a few hours removed from that wild exchange, Herbstreit’s College GameDay co-analyst Desmond Howard just offered up another wild take on a Big Ten team, this time Michigan State.

Howard just offered up his thoughts on a scenario where Michigan State could feel uncomfortable playing Ohio State during an appearance on ESPN morning show Get Up.

Much like Herbstreit’s original comments, it appears Howard does not have any indication that his theory is based in reality, but that didn’t stop him from throwing it out there.

Check it out below