The big debate in college football continues to be whether the undefeated UCF Knights should be in the mix for a College Football Playoff berth.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit has been a vocal opponent of the Knights, saying they need to play somebody in order to be considered.

During Saturday’s College GameDay, Herbstreit doubled down on that take, saying he wouldn’t be impressed by a 50-game winning streak if no notable teams were involved:

“It’s a great team and a great story,” Herbstreit said. “Any time you win 22 in a row, trying to get to 23 tonight against UC, it’s a great story. … What Houston did at the end of 2015 going into 2016, they knocked off Florida State. They beat Navy, who was a top-20 team. In fact, at the end of their year, they beat four teams up in the top 20. That gave them momentum going into 2016. Then, in 2016, they knocked off Oklahoma, they beat Lamar Jackson. You know where Houston of the AAC was ranked at that point? No. 6. To say the system isn’t fair and is only for the big guys is false. You have to play somebody to be able to climb up. I don’t care if you win 50 in a row, if you don’t play anybody, you don’t deserve to be in.”

That was met by a “Herbie sucks!” chant from UCF fans, who aren’t the biggest fans of Herbstreit at the moment.

At the very least, UCF has a chance to beat a top-25 team — Cincinnati — on Saturday night. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. Eastern time on ABC.