If you haven’t heard of “Go Get It Youth Football Training” before, you may have seen one of the accounts viral videos circulating on social media.

For an organization that claims to teach “fundamental football training” to youth players, the person hyping up its camps on social media doesn’t seem to understand some basic fundamentals of the game it is teaching to young football players.

That seems like it would be an issue.

While the video below may have gone viral as “Go Get It Youth Football Training” was likely hoping to accomplish by sending it out, they missed pretty badly when it comes to showing the fundamental training youth players actually get at their camps.

Instead of correcting a major issue, the offensive lineman below is celebrated for the following play.


It hasn’t taken long for football analysts and players to issue their comments after viewing the clip.

“Ridiculous to celebrate this. These camps are trying their best to ruin the sport,” ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit tweeted in response to the video.

Here are some other reactions.

ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick commented:

“This is the dumbest ‘football’ video I may have ever seen for so many reasons. What are we even doing here?”

Former Miami Hurricane and NFL veteran Earl Little Sr. shared on Twitter:

“There’s nothing technically good about the OL in this clip. Feet & hand placement 👎🏾👎🏾. The DE beat him with a spin move & he HELD him. Slammed the kid & walked away like that’s a good rep. Lets help correct these kids flaws & stop praising bad fundamentals.”

Former Philadelphia Eagles left tackle Tra Thomas pointed out:

“Ok! So here’s a quick breakdown from someone who played this position. He steps up field with his outside foot which is a big no no, now he’s behind and try’s to recover and over commits giving up the inside and throws the rusher into the QB. Why is this L being celebrated?”

Green Bay Packers starting left tackle David Bakhtiari may have said it best:

“He just threw him into a sack…”