Between “Sandstorm” blaring on the public address system, and the rooster crowing following big plays for the Gamecocks, South Carolina is a known commodity for best fans in college football.

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ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit has also noticed that atmosphere and therefore named South Carolina among his “best student sections” in his annual “The Herbies” list of favorite things in college football. LSU also made the list of five schools, along with Penn State, Wisconsin and Utah.

The SEC in 2014 relaxed its prohibition on playing recorded music between plays during football games. In 2006, the SEC told the Gamecocks they could only play a rooster crow during timeouts, after a score, before the game, during halftime and when the game ends.

Typically, South Carolina plays the rooster crow before critical third downs and other times to get the crowd at full throat.

In the last decade plus, the Gamecocks have adopted “Sandstorm” as an unofficial anthem in Williams-Brice Stadium.

Meanwhile, the north end zone of Tiger Stadium is known as the “Bermuda Rectangle.”

It’s where opponents experience false starts and other penalties that stall offenses. If students aren’t singing along to “Purple Rain,” they’re in the midst of coordinated dances and hand motions that correspond with each down.