The biggest debate surrounding the College Football Playoff is the status of Ohio State. The Buckeyes are 5-0 and will not play Michigan. The Big Ten would need to amend the conference policy for OSU to play in the conference championship game.

The Buckeyes were the hot topic on Tuesday night’s ESPN CFP Top 25 rankings reveal. Alabama, Florida and Texas A&M were all frequently mentioned in Kirk Herbstreit’s thoughts on Ohio State’s chances of making the final four.

“This is not an A&M discussion to me, at all,” Herbstreit said. “This is about what happens in the conference championship games. If Ohio State’s sitting there if they go to Indianapolis and they win and they’re 6-0 and they put on a Big Ten Championship crown and they’re Big Ten Champs, I don’t care if they’re five games, six games, if they’re crowned Big Ten Champs. What happens in Charlotte, what happens in Atlanta is going to dictate where Ohio State is.

“If Alabama beats Florida, Ohio State would be in. Ohio State fans should be the biggest Alabama fans going. Because if Alabama knocks Florida out, I’m just telling you, if Alabama knocks Florida out, Ohio State is in the four. If Florida beats Alabama and Clemson beats Notre Dame, Ohio State will be left out. It will be Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida and Alabama. Ohio State’s out. Ohio State fans need to pull for Alabama to win out. If they do that, I think they’re one of the four teams.”

“How ironic is it, (Ohio State fans) need to learn how to say ‘Roll Tide.’ That’s what they need to learn how to say in the next couple weeks,” Herbstreit added.

As far as Texas A&M and Florida at Nos. 5 and 6, Herbstreit says the rankings are “irrelevant.”

“We continue to bring up five and six are a moot point,” Herbstreit said. “That will work itself out depending on what Florida does over the course of their next couple of games. If they beat Bama, they’re in. If they lose, they’re out. Really it’s irrelevant.”

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